Fresh Finds Weekly! Amazing Deals on Top Brands

Welcome to The Bin Spot, where every visit is a bargain hunting adventure! Our store features a dynamic pricing model with prices dropping daily. Dive into bins filled with diverse items, from electronics to clothing, always at unbeatable prices. Enjoy a fresh and exciting shopping experience, supported by our helpful staff, in a lively and friendly environment.

How long can I explore the treasures at The Bin Spot?

Shop to your heart's content until you drop! We're all about the thrill of the hunt and discovering those unbeatable deals.

What should I bring for my shopping adventure?

Leave the heavy lifting to us! We provide spacious 19-gallon IKEA bags or shopping carts for all our treasure hunters. Just bring your excitement and a keen eye for deals!

What time do the doors open for a day of treasure hunting?

The adventure begins bright and early at 9AM! Be the first to discover the day's new arrivals and hidden gems.

Can I bring my little explorers with me?

Absolutely! We love seeing families hunt for treasures together. We just ask that all young adventurers have an adult companion on their journey.

Where can I check out what's inside those little boxes?

Curiosity is encouraged at our “What’s In The Box?” station located at the front. It's the perfect spot to unveil hidden surprises!

What happens if I step away from my shopping cart or bag?

To keep the hunt fair and exciting for everyone, any unattended finds will be returned to the bins for others to discover.

Is there a signal for when my shopping adventure is complete?

Once your bag or cart is filled with treasures, head on over to checkout to claim your finds and make them officially yours.

How do I secure my spot in line?

Your presence is your placeholder. Chairs or items can't save spots, so stay with us to keep your place in line.

Are there any line etiquette tips?

We're all about fairness and fun, so line saving isn't allowed. Let's keep it friendly and respectful for all our shoppers.

What should I pack for my visit?

To make room for new finds, we ask that you leave strollers, backpacks, and large bags at home. Small clutches and wallets are perfectly fine for carrying your essentials.

How can I help keep The Bin Spot a happy place?

We appreciate when our guests treat our space with care. Please avoid leaving trash or personal items behind.

What's the best way to share the shopping floor with fellow hunters?

Kindness is key! Please no fighting, running, or pushing. Our goal is a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

What should I do with items I decide not to take?

If an item doesn't spark joy, simply return it to the bin for another hunter to find. Your consideration keeps the adventure alive for everyone!

Can I leave my finds to pick up later?

All treasures must leave with you after purchase. We're unable to hold items, so make sure to gather all your finds at checkout.

What's the return policy on these hidden gems?

Each find is a final sale to keep the hunt exciting and fair for everyone. No returns, refunds, or exchanges, ensuring treasures are truly once-in-a-lifetime finds!

...You guys are literally my new favorite thing. 😍✨

Kayla M.

Bin to many Bin stores...and I always enjoy this Spot. Yes it's rummaging thru Wooden Bins to try and find treasures same as others. But I feel their prices are very reasonable. I enjoy the Weekends and also Clothing days during the week. The Staff is always so nice and will help you with absolutely anything.

M Baumgartner

This place is awesome! I have found so many amazing things in here that I didn't even realize what I had gotten until I got home.

Amy R.

Three dollar day! I really Dont want to review because I would love to keep this place a secret.

K. Swain

Whoa, this place is insane with the deals! All of Amzn's sent back merch, all super discounted. Great stuff, best deals

Willow N.

Great place! Lots of good deals. Love the unique things I find here.

Brandy M.